St. Georgskirche, Hamburg, Germany


SOLO SHOW | “Time Zone Equinox” Sheppard Contemporary & University Galleries, Reno, NV, USA

Mwangi Hutter Film Screening, Wells Fargo Auditorium, Knowledge Center

Lecture by Mwangi Hutter at Scrugham Engineering and Mining Auditorium


SOLO SHOW | ”from the other side of daylight“ Galerie Burster, Karlsruhe, Germany


Not a single story” Nirox Winter sculpture exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa


“In the Cut – The Male Body in Feminist Art“,                 Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Germany


im-perfection“ Galerie Burster, Berlin, Germany



Schloß Randegg, Germany


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ATLANTA (January 12, 2011). “IngridMwangiRobertHutter: Constant Triumph” on view at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art from Feb. 4 to May 14, 2011 features 13 works by the Kenyan-German artist collaborative IngridMwangiRobertHutter. Ingrid Mwangi, born in Nairobi of Kenyan and German parentage and Robert Hutter, a German native, explore the notion of race, gender, and cultural heritage through photography, performance, video, and installation. In 2005, after working together for several years and marrying, Mwangi and Hutter merged their names and biographies, began working as one artistic identity, and formed the collective IngridMwangiRobertHutter. They declared that all of their work—new objects as well as previously completed ones—would be attributed to their collective...

MwangiHutter has been invited to give a talk about their video, installation and performance work and are taking the opportunity to further present Jimmy Ogonga, multi-media artist and writer.

The trio will be residing and working together for five weeks this summer at MwangiHutter's residence in Ludwigshafen to begin a process of collaborative creation. The works that come into being will be presented in a series of exhibitions beginning with "My Vision" in Mannheim early next year.

This event will give an overview of their artistic positions, as well as being the first occasion to discuss the ideas that are the impetus for their collaboration.

6th July 2006, 19:30 pm 

at Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie, Hemshofstr. 54

67063 Ludwigshafen/Rhein, Germany


select videos


solo exhibition

3rd October - 12th November 2006

opening 1st October 2006, 11:00 am 

Kunstverein Ingolstadt e.V., Ingolstadt, Germany.

This solo exhibition presents video, installation and photo works that circle around issues of living in a violent world: destructive human action, fear for the safety of ourselves and our families, the impact of media information, intolerance. On the other hand the works bear witness to individual resistance, the need for peace and the ever-constant drive of hope and continuity.

MANKIND. The Story of a Wound

Opening on 15th September 2006, 7pm

Exhibition at Saint-Peter‘s Church and further locations in Leuven, Belgium

from 16th September - 19th November 2006

Organised by the Centre for Religous Art and Culture, Heverlee

in association with SMAK, Ghent

”Although Story of a Wound is based on Contemporary Art and Religion, it also specifically and decisively focuses on man. It examines humanity in all its aspects. Suffering, as well as joys great and small, sorrow, loss, etc., are some of the themes dealt with. The subtitle of the exhibition is Story of a Wound. The wound is a symbol, an injury, but also signals the beginning of healing. The exhibition shows us images that are confrontational, and occasionally give us comfort and a sense of joy as well as horror and sorrow.”

solo exhibition

The Rotunda Gallery, New York

20th June - 21st July 2007

Opening 20th June 2007, 7 pm

In the selection of videos exhibited at the Rotunda Gallery the artist collective  INGRIDMWANGIROBERTHUTTER attempts to view Africa through different eyes. Countries within Africa tend to be thrown into one basket, being seen mainly through the filters of having a history of colonialism. According to Mwangi, “They are constantly being compared with occidental systems - and are most often found to be lacking. Even as an African, it is difficult to get away from the impressions that the media leave in our minds; rigid ideas of efficiency and the ‘right kind’ of progress, negative examples of misrule etc. These handily packaged and digestible information bites often have little to do with the reality of how millions of people live, meeting the demands of daily life with vigor.”

In their videos, the artists appear in strange, amusing or dramatic situations. Mwangi moves through mounds of debris and broken glass of a burnt down building in a video paradoxically titled In my House; walks blindly through the city of Bamako while onlookers curiously watch in a work meaningfully titled Being Bamako. In Mzungu, the word for 'white man' in Swahili, Hutter exchanges clothes with a massai warrior. Old wounds are closed together with the artist Jimmy Ogonga in the video Retrocession. For Children shows a 'blood poem' inscribed on the skin-surface of the artists' collective body, revealing the sense of urgency from which the artists are working.

ARTISTS SUMMIT KYOTO 2007. Can artists save the world?                             

Kyoto University of Art and Design, 1st - 2nd December 2007

"In todays world, humankind has vanquished all that exists on earth and now reigns supreme on the planet. This process has come to impose a heavy burden on the environment, and a crisis may be in the offing. Many problems that were once localized have spread to broad regions of the globe, and solving them has become more difficult. Our politicians, economists and scientists seem to provide only narrow-minded solutions, and people are overcome by a growing sense of powerlessness. Is there a future for such a world?

The 6 top leading artists from around the globe: Jarupatcha Achavasmit, Gülsün Karamustafa, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Sakamoto Ryuichi, Krzysztof Wodiczko and Yook Keun-Byung, will meet and discuss in Kyoto, desperately hoping to realize a future full of hope. This is the ARTISTS SUMMIT KYOTO. I believe that art has a power to move people. It allows us to share passion with the others. That power is what we call creative imagination, which brings all of us together as a form of communication with transcending boundaries between different nations. Therefore, I am convinced that the creative imagination of the 6 artists will offer the breakthroughs to changing the world.

It is our desperate hope to realize the world in peace through the ARTISTS SUMMIT KYOTO. What we need now to halt the growing cynicism is the most creative minds offering people hope through a humorous, moving and poetic vision. I hope that the ARTISTS SUMMIT KYOTO will move people and give them hope for the future."

November 2007               MIYAJIMA Tatsuo, director and chairperson of ARTISTS SUMMIT KYOTO

RIPPLES - a resume of personal thoughts         IngridMwangiRobertHutter appeal        FIREWORKS - to change the world

GOTH: Reality of the Departed World 
22.12.2007 - 26.3.2008


"What is goth / gothic? 
The phenomenon described as goth / gothic exists in various cultural fields including music, fashion, movies and literatures.  It originally referred to a style of art in Europe in the Middle Ages, however, today it functions as a term indicative of a certain lifestyle.  Body modifications, such as tattooing or piercing, and a focus upon death and illness are not merely a matter of taste, but instead are an expression of the self trying to stand up against a conservative world.  The exhibition introduces goth / gothic in contemporary art through approximately 200 works, including sculpture, painting, video, and photography by 6 internationally active artists. Works by these highly respected artists will provide us with the opportunity to think afresh about the nature of goth / gothic, which resonates especially with a young generation."

For this exhibition IngridMwangiRobertHutter created a new installation titled performance of doubt around the theme of human life, from birth to maturity to old age to death. It presents various combinations of video images: a baby laid on white tiles, a mature woman, an electrified razor coil fence and meat, an old woman and blood.  The images and installation materials used to display them, such as sugar cubes, suggest the difficulties faced and endured by a person throughout a lifetime.
"It is significant that they are shown as the work of the hermaphroditic artist IngridMwangiRobertHutter, two persons in one, thus rejecting conventional ideas based on gender or cultural differences.  Such factors as age, sex, and cultural background ordinarily have a great influence on an artist’s work, but for this pair of artists, they no longer provide strong motivation for creative activity.  Their art provides a fresh perspective on a more universal kind of human existence, defamiliarizing the conventional ideas of gender and nationality that often support human identity." 
Eriko Kimura, curator

Interview / IngridMwangiRobertHutterperformance_of_doubt_2007.htmlInterview_Mwangi_Hutter.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1

For this group exhibition MwangiHutter has created a seven channel video installation titled blood poem for the crypt of Saint-Peter‘s Church.

QUEST. Recognizing the Crisis
Video screening of media and performance-based artworks by IngridMwangiRobertHutter
15th February 2008, 6:30 pm
Goethe Institute, Maendeleo House, Nairobi, Kenya

As a reaction to the current crisis in Kenya, IngridMwangiRobertHutter present their art works that can be used a basis to reflect on the critical situation, placing it in context of the general state of the world, albeit with constant reference to the possibilities of the individual.
MwangiHutter, a mergence of two individuals who have redefined their identity by creating one bi-corporeal artist, is engaged in an ongoing artistic analysis of human conflict situations, which involves close diagnosis of the confusion regarding self in relation to the other. The works demonstrate an attempt to rethink present-day values of materialism and profit gain, which are slowly but surely removing the basis for human existence. Crisis', such as now painfully manifesting in Kenya, are seen a chance to urgently define new courses of endeavor and to set signs that show our growing awareness and will to save the environment, ourselves and our children. Despite multiple tragedies, it is possible to move towards a more hopeful future of life in peace with each other and the world.

What would be a word or an image of value, that is of great importance to you in this situation of mistrust, urgency and suffering - a wish for the future, or a message to people. What is worth moving towards?

public performances  between 11th- 24th February 2008 in Nairobi 
Wearing simple and explicit messages, the artist walks through parts of Nairobi city, engaging people to reflect on ideas of nation-building beyond differences in ethnic identity.human_walk_2008.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

Combined structures give some snap   IngridMwangiRobertHutter and Jimmy Ogonga collaborate for a vision of future

Red Line - IngridMwangiRobertHutter, video works

6th June- 20th July 2008

Building C - Pixel-Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

The solo exhibition Red line shows a selection of video works, displayed over twenty flat screens in Pixel Gallery, Budapest. The monitors mark a long spiraling path of glowing screens on which the videos, created over a span of 15 years, all present the body in numerous ways. They reveal the artist's method of focusing on the own body, now of dual corporality. 

There is the view on the back of two heads, where shaved lines cleave their way through both heads of hair to finally leave the heads bald. Headskin.  Spoken words such as 'I - Identity - not African, let's talk about European - guilt - think/forget - decide, act, relate' indicate that the work is about the intercultural dialog that the artist is engaging in. Another work aptly titled See in the light displays peoples faces watching violent images taken from the media, their features being lit up by the television screen. Living in a world of violence is a recurring topic.

There is confrontation.Through the wind and First toThrow a Stone presents the artist inviting collision. Stones hit the body; it is wrapped in material, it must endure. On the other hand quiet withdrawal emerges in works such as More Room, Breath Out and Do Not Disturb. The artist retreats into intimate spaces, as if to manifest a restful existence despite all.

Works are created in the studio. Videos are created out of performances that were done front of an audience. Actions are captured as documentary-style encounters in cities. The visual language varies, yet as the title of the show implies, there is a red line that runs through the works of IngridMwangiRobertHutter.

recent works in which I have been thinking about destruction of human life and the environment...that humanity is digging its own grave through the focus on progress at the cost of nature and peoples lives... very necessary to seriously investigate our state of mind concerning life-style of consume, orientation towards materialism. Wars, poverty and other kinds of violence are result of greed and ignorance of interconnectedness between all peoples and things...further overuse of resources and exploitation of people will continue to have devastating effects that threaten to destroy us...if we cannot learn to rapidly adapt according to the foreboding signs, change our course on many levels... beginning to awaken to this reality through increasing knowledge of Global warming and its myriad effects.

I find it important to use art art to add to the consciousness-raising of this existential, complex topic.


A woman's eyes are her greatest asset. Cast low, aglow, full of lust, love, enchanting, disenchanted. 'Beauty, in the Eye of the Beholder' is a disturbing rendition of womanhood; one of a pair of video works portraying two woman who are the pivotal point for this solo exhibition of IngridMwangiRobertHutter's work. 'Constant Triumph' is an homage to Mwangi's sister, who died at an early age. The video captures the last phases of her life, through the fear, hope and final acceptance of the most difficult moment of life. Between these, emerge further video and photo works that together sketch out remembrance of a human family; where the dual-bodied artist MwangHutter presents his and her own vulnerable bodies as canvases for poetry written in blood, and children appear in photographical scenes, seeming to whisper enticingly to us.

Goethe Institute, Maendeleo House, Nairobi
27.10. - 22.11.2009
The solo exhibition titled 'Intruders' presents MwangiHutter's foremost current methodology: upon the particular stages found on arrival at 'unknown places', the objective is to intertwine with peoples' lived reality for some moments in time.  Often by inserting one of MwangiHutter's self-determined twin bodies into the scene–Mwangi and Hutter assume a single, artistically inseparable identity–images of almost intrusive confrontation emerge. Art is seen here as a chance to design and act out reactions to all manner of occurrences within societies. Not claiming to be solutions in themselves, these works exist to spark off a dynamic of unusual exchange,  recontextualization and new ideas. 

Out of Stillness

What is the meaning of life and of death?

Between 3rd March and 3rd June 2010, I am away from all my familiar surroundings and habitual conditions. 

I am staying in the seclusion of expansive natural surroundings on Beara Peninsula in south-west Ireland, without exposure to television or internet, neither engaging in work nor in stimulating leisure activities, and without any contact to my family, friends and colleagues.

With the intention of producing only one written statement a day, I am entering into deep stillness and contemplation for the enduring period of 3 months.

The inspiration for this project came out of the experience of sitting with the body of my dead sister at her wake. A final stillness permeated the darkened room; it was a moment of absolute silence, in which all sounds seemed to be absorbed and all thoughts appeared to cease in the face of the magnitude of death. Something mysterious emerged: a timeless, nonreferential, unimagined state of being.




Galerie Imane Farès


Imane Farès a le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage

En toute innocence: subtilités du corps

Pélagie Gbaguidi, Billie Zangewa, INGRIDMWANGIROBERTHUTTER

Commissaire: Christine Eyene

le mercredi 7 septembre de 18h00 à 21h00, en présence des artistes

Exposition du 8 septembre au 19 novembre 2011

41 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France T. +33 1 46 33 13 13 galerie@ifgalerie.com www.ifgalerie.com

Ouverture du mardi au vendredi de 11h00 à 19h00, le samedi de 12h00 à 20h00 Parkings Mazarine et Saint-Germain Métro Odéon

radio interviewshows_files/Mwangi%20Hutter%20SWR2.mp3shows_files/Mwangi%20Hutter%20SWR2_1.mp3shapeimage_24_link_0

Prose in Place“, African Film Festival, Inc. (AFF), New York / USA


“FLUX4ART“, Sayner Hütte, Bendorf-Sayn, Germany