Select Videos, 2006-2007

Project Space: Duron Jackson - Revered/Reviled

Organized by Isolde Brielmaier
Wednesday, June 20 to Saturday, July 21, 2007

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 20, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Gallery hours: Tues – Sat, from noon to 6:00 pm (closed July 3 & 4)

Brooklyn, NY (May 2007) – BRIC’s Rotunda Gallery is pleased to present an installation of select video work by INGRIDMWANGIROBERTHUTTER. This exhibition marks the first New York solo exhibition for this German-based artist collective. The gallery’s project space will feature an installation entitled Revered/Reviled by Brooklyn-based artist Duron Jackson. The exhibition will be on view from June 20 to July 21, 2007.

“We are thrilled to continue our signature summer solo exhibition of international artists. This year we are looking forward to experiencing the provocative video works of INGRIDMWANGIROBERTHUTTER from Germany. We are also pleased to present new work by Duron Jackson in our gallery’s project space.” noted Isolde Brielmaier, Rotunda’s Director and Chief Curator.

In the selection of videos exhibited at the Rotunda Gallery the artist collective  INGRIDMWANGIROBERTHUTTER attempts to view Africa through different eyes. Countries within Africa tend to be thrown into one basket, being seen mainly through the filters of having a history of colonialism. According to Mwangi, “They are constantly being compared with occidental systems - and are most often found to be lacking. Even as an African, it is difficult to get away from the impressions that the media leave in our minds; rigid ideas of efficiency and the ‘right kind’ of progress, negative examples of misrule etc. These handily packaged and digestible information bites often have little to do with the reality of how millions of people live, meeting the demands of daily life with vigor.”

In their videos, the artists appear in strange, amusing or dramatic situations. Mwangi moves through mounds of debris and broken glass of a burnt down building in a video paradoxically titled In my House; walks blindly through the city of Bamako while onlookers curiously watch in a work meaningfully titled Being Bamako. In Mzungu, the word for 'white man' in Swahili, Hutter exchanges clothes with a massai warrior. Old wounds are closed together with the artist Jimmy Ogonga in the video Retrocession. For Children shows a 'blood poem' inscribed on the skin-surface of the artists' collective body, revealing the sense of urgency from which the artists are working.

Duron Jackson’s Revered/Reviled is an installation inspired by the imprisonment of Genarlow Wilson, who is now serving a prison sentence that has elicited charges of racism from critics of the criminal justice system and is widely acknowledged by prosecutors and the Georgia State Legislature to be unjust. Jackson’s installation includes untitled body prints that are a testament to the ongoing obsession and distortion of the Black (Non-European) body throughout contemporary culture. Jackson’s installation will also include Niggah U., graphite drawings on blackboard that deal with issues of Black male incarceration.

Media artists Ingrid Mwangi and Robert Hutter live and work as a collective, having combined their two artistic positions into one oeuvre. They show their work under the joint name INGRIDMWANGIROBERTHUTTER and have a common biography which blends their life histories. This major step points towards their underlying artistic message that involves breaking the barriers of perceived differences (gender, cultural and other).

The collective’s three solo shows last year were titled Collective Desires, Trophies and Man of War. The three theme exhibitions explores the main issues that the artists’ are dealing with currently: Firstly, questions and difficulties, on a global, collective level, of living together and overcoming cultural discrimination within the traumatic circumstance of historical and current injustices. Secondly, the use of the artists’ body to generate imagery relating to these themes, the body being utilized as an interface between knowledge and insight. Thirdly, the omnipresent topic of living in a world ridden with violent conflict, destructive human action and the negative impact of media information – a desperate state which calls for attention.

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