An appeal to all my new friends

With deep thanks I write to you a few words after the magical experience of being at the ARTISTS


I would like to encourage you to continue your positive endeavor to change the world for the better.

I am infinitely grateful for the expression of deep desire for peace that I met with from so many

people. As an artist, I am greatly inspired to continue my work.

Practically, in our lives, let us each try to make the right decisions to live in accordance with nature

and others. We can support fair trade in order to ensure that our consumption does not make

people elsewhere suffer. It is truly saddening to consider that the spices that make our food rich

and appetizing is harvested by people who do back-breaking work for a few coins a day, which is

never enough to fill the hungry bellies of their families. Or that the carpets that beautifully adorn our

floors were made in long hours of work by children who should have been playing joyfully and

learning eagerly. Therefore, let us be informed and attentive, using our power as consumers to

decide what we buy.

We can also consider eating less meat and fish in favor of vegetable foods, which need less

resources to grow, are easier to replenish and do not add to an excess of animal suffering. Organic

food is better for the health of the environment, as well as for our own health. We can support local

production of goods, relieving nature of the pollution created by transporting goods from one part

of the world to another. We can recycle materials and use our things for a longer time before

discarding them to buy new ones.

Generally we can live by the rule: less is more!

Carrying peace preciously in our hearts, we need to avoid anger and generate compassion and

concern for the well-being of others. When we see someone in need of a helping hand, we can

reach out with kindness instead of looking away and catering to our own interests. We have to

speak out and act strongly against war everywhere - a danger to us all in this nuclear age!

Overcoming our differences by realizing how much we need each other, we will become stronger

and happier by working together.

These are just a few examples of how individual action can have a positive impact. If we put our

creative imagination to it, we can do so many useful and wonderful things that it will lighten up the

world like fireworks!

Especially, I would like to impress on you that artists have a special role to play. Our profession

gives us the opportunity and pure time that others might not have to profoundly reflect these urgent

matters of what must change in our world and how we can help. The expression of our ideas and

realizations through the communicative medium of art can powerfully influence and inspire others.

This is a huge chance and responsibility. Please use it.

I feel a great joy and lasting hope after this summit. Despite all problems in the world there is one

thing that we can all do: our best. We need to continue to activate our energies and work tirelessly

for a vision of peace and harmony with the universe. In doing so, we will ultimately fulfill our

extraordinary human potential, even far beyond our present imagination.

December 5, 2007

Kyoto, Japan